DeWALT DCD760KL 18 Volt Compact Drill/Driver Review 2017

I have used the Dewalt DCD760KL for a few weeks now, and just wanted to discuss how it has held up. This is an older drill, but due to its durability and torque in such a small form factor, it is still a favorite among many people I know.  I have used it exclusively for several different projects that I am working on, mainly making work benches from rough sawn lumber. The lumber I am using is 2’’ thick and drilling hundreds of pilot holes takes quite a toll on any drill, but the Dewalt DCD760KL has held up fairly well. The small form factor allows for easy access to those tight corners that crop up especially when building tables and benches like I am. It has an incredibly strong brake, so the drill stops rotating immediately after you let go of the trigger. This is a great safety feature, but on larger bits it did occasionally cause the bit to loosen up in the chuck. This drill comes with the dual speed adjustment that is common among most cordless drills today. This allows for the drill to handle pilot holes as well as screwing in the actual screws, but I usually use an impact driver for the screws.

The overall build quality of this drill is exceptional, and this is reflected in the price. I have dropped it countless times, lumber has fallen on it and it has been covered in sawdust, but it still performs just like the day I got it. It also comes with two 18 volt Lithium-Ion batteries that charge very quickly and last 3-4 hours of heavy use. It is also compatible with any of Dewalt’s previous 18 volt batteries, so if you have some laying around from older drills like I did this can come in handy. Another great feature on this drill that is starting to become standard among all drills is the LED light which activates whenever you press the trigger. This makes it very easy to see what you are working on even when the lighting is not optimal. This drill is geared more toward the professional crowd and the pricing and build quality reflect that, but it also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty. I have had to send Dewalt drills back for repair in the past and I can say first hand that they honor these warranties. The ½’’ chuck allows this drill to accept most bits, including hole saw bits and spade bits. I made a bench from a 4×6 rough cut piece of poplar and used this drill and a spade bit to drill the pilot holes for 8’’ lag bolts and it cut through the poplar like butter. Overall this drill is pricy for the average homeowner, but for the more serious do it yourself person who uses a drill often it is a solid piece of equipment. The best price I have found is Here on Amazon, it is not prime eligible but it only took mine 3 days to arrive to my house. Please feel free to comment below on your experience with this drill.