Dewalt DCD740C1 90 Degree Drill Review 2017

The Dewalt DCD740C1 Right Angle Drill also commonly referred to as a 90 degree drill is Dewalt’s largest portable 90 degree drill. This drill runs on a 20 Volt 1.5 amp-hour lithium-ion battery and weighs only 3.8 lbs. This type of drill is made to fit into tight spaces and with no bit it is only 4 inches wide. Now that the specs are out of the way we can get into the details of how awesome this drill really is. A 90 degree drill may seem unnecessary at first, but in many scenarios they are worth there weight in gold and the Dewalt really shines with an abundance of features. The feature I like the most is the extra long trigger which makes operating the drill incredibly easy. The large trigger makes it possible to operate even with thick gloves on. It has 2 speeds that max out at 2000 rpm which makes it easy to switch between putting in screws to drilling pilot holes.

One complaint I have is that depending on the space you are working in, it can be hard to get enough pressure to keep the drill from slipping on really tough screws. This problem isn’t specific to the Dewalt and the only real way to solve it is to put a handle on the side like on the Makita 90 degree drill. This tends to happen more on Philips head screws, and if you use Torx screws which are much less prone to slipping this can help tremendously. This drill comes with 2 batteries and a charger. I have found that the battery life on this drill is not the best, but that is due to the smaller 1.5 amp-hour batteries. These batteries have lasted for almost 2 hours of moderate use, but they charge in under 30 minutes so with 2 it shouldn’t be a problem. The great thing about this drill is that it is also compatible with Dewalt’s other 20 Volt batteries, so you could potentially put a 3 or 4 amp-hour battery in it and extend its life for up to 6 hours of use.

Another great feature of this drill is that the chuck has a 2’’ pocket so bits can be placed deep into it, which allows for the drill to fit in even smaller spaces. The 3/8’’ chuck is on the smaller size, but it is large enough for any tasks that you might want to accomplish with a 90 degree drill. This drill also has a locking chuck so a bit can be tightened with only one hand. This is due to thee the rotation being locked once the trigger has been released. It boast 130 in-lbs of torque which is slightly above its competitors. This means it is capable of driving long screws through thick boards with relative ease. I can attest to this first hand as I use this drill quite a bit making workbenches from rough cut lumber. The corners of the workbenches were always difficult to fit a regular cordless drill but this makes putting in those screws in a breeze. One last feature to note about this drill is the LED which activates when you press the trigger and also has a delay so it stays on even after the trigger is released. This is a great feature because often times the tight spaces where this drill is useful have limited lighting and it is very hard to see what you are doing.

All Dewalt tools come with a great warranty, and this specific 90 degree drill comes with a one-year free service contract in addition to a three-year limited warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Like I have mentioned in previous posts I have personally sent back Dewalt tools using the warranty and it was a very smooth process.

Overall I would highly recommend this drill to anyone looking to expand their tool collection with an excellent product that I guarantee you will find yourself using in many different situations. I have found the best price offered is on Amazon and it is also prime eligible so you can get it within two days. Here is the link to order on Amazon.